ACRE About Ares Real Estate Origination Infrastructure

Origination Infrastructure

Regional Coverage as of September 30, 2019


*As of September 30, 2019
(1) Includes Ares Management Corporation (”ARES”) principal and originating offices where real estate activities take place.
(2) In Madrid and Frankfurt, Ares Real Estate Group does not maintain a physical office, but has an investment professional dedicated to this market.
(3) Non-Ares location providing administrative and support functions to the Ares Real Estate Group.
(4) Ares office providing administrative and support functions to the Ares Real Estate Group.




Origination Contacts

Jamie Henderson
(212) 710-2178


JB Gerber
(212) 515-3393
[email protected]
Head of Originations 


Matthew Fialho
(510) 387-3225
[email protected]
Originations - West 
James Mosier
(424) 285-2874
[email protected]
Originations - West 
Mike Shin
(415) 637-6453
[email protected]
Originations - West 
Sam Kupersmith
(678) 538-1909
[email protected]
Originations - Southeast 


Jonas Katzoff
(212) 515-3355
[email protected]
Originations - East 
Scott Kraus
(212) 808-1196
[email protected]
Originations - East 
Joseph Ryu
(212) 710-2116
[email protected]
Originations - East 






Financial Sponsors / Operating Partners: We directly cover financial sponsors and local operating partners and commit senior debt and subordinate debt to finance acquisitions by, or to recapitalize portfolio assets of, these sponsors.


Direct Investments: We cover key intermediaries in the commercial real estate arena, including mortgage brokerage firms, investment sales groups, and other real estate advisory platforms.


Capital Markets: We are able to underwrite and invest in primary and secondary market debt investments arranged by commercial and investment banks and other middle-market lenders.